Where to go in Gyumri?

Black Fortress

Black fortress, a monument in the city of Gyumri, Shirak marz, RA. It is a fortress built in 1834. Similar to the underground structures of Ani, underground passages were built for the Black Fortress, and there were roads from the fortress to the current Mother Armenia monument and the Red Fortress. Included in the list of immovable monuments of history and culture of Gyumri.As a result of excavations, it was found that it is the oldest residential part of the city.The first studies were done here in the second half of the 19th century, around 1875.In subsequent years, specifically in 1900, the German archaeologist Geosner conducted excavations beneath the Black “ghuli.” Furthermore, during the years 1907-1908, Kharatyants participated in excavation efforts. Conducted excavations is also the expedition of the “Kumair” reserve-museum.As a result of the excavations, a small settlement with a sanctuary, a small statue, a bull, and a burial ground of the ancient period were found.

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