Where to go in Gyumri?

New Central apartment

New Central apartment This newly renovated apartment is fully equipped with everything tourists might need. The bedroom area is subtly isolated from the main space by shelves, adding a touch of comfort. The queen-size bed features a new, super comfortable mattress, while the couch comfortably accommodates one adult or two children.

Modern apartment in Gyumri

Modern apartment in Gyumri Choose this modern apartment for a memorable stay. Located in the historical center of Gyumri, you can reach the central square and the old town within just 5 minutes on foot.

“Konjelazia” tourism and design

«Կոնջելազիա» Տուրիզմ և դիզայն ԲԲ “Konjelazia” is the intersection of tourism and design, situated in the heart of Gyumri. Phone: +374 (95) 09-12-82

Old Gyumri

Old Gyumri “Old Gyumri” family guest house welcomes those who seek a cozy and beautiful retreat reminiscent of a hearth, offering everything you need for family warmth, cleanliness, and relaxation.

Apartment 11

Apartment 11 Simply visit our apartment, stay with us, and we’ll handle everything else at the highest level.

Contemporary and comfortable apartment

Contemporary and comfortable apartment Nestled in a highly convenient location on the central street within a newly constructed building, our apartment boasts modernity at its core. The renovation, executed with cutting-edge methods, has resulted in a space adorned with contemporary, new, and comfortable furniture.

Stylish apartment

Stylish apartment Indulge in the tranquility and style of this space during your stay.

Cozy cabin in Gyumri

Cozy cabin in Gyumri The cabin features a bedroom adorned with two comfortable double beds, complete with a wardrobe, shelves, and a convenient work desk. Stay connected with WiFi available in the cabin. Unwind in the spacious bathroom equipped with a shower for your comfort.


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