Where to go in Gyumri?

October Cinema

October Cinema In Gyumri, the act of going to the cinema was a grand ceremony, marked by elaborate preparations and luxurious dressing. It was a family affair, and the event held significant cultural importance. Before dedicated cinemas were established, movies were showcased in clubs, featuring silent films accompanied by a mechanic who would rewind the […]

Puppet theater

Puppet theater The first puppet theater in Armenia, initiated by the cultural philanthropist Hasmik Gyozalyan, was established on May 26, 1935, in Gyumri. With inaugural performances like “Revolutionary Tanya,” “Monkey and Mirror,” and “Dances of the Dolls,” Hasmik Gyozalyan laid the foundation for the puppet theater’s development, emphasizing its role in the civil and moral-aesthetic […]

Pottery school

Pottery school You can find the pottery school on Shahumyan Street, the continuation of the same structure is the Mher Mkrtchyan House-Museum. Under the direction of Antonio Montalto, Honorary Consul of Italy in Armenia, this part of the structure was reconstructed. Pottery masters teach here to make beautiful handmade souvenirs that are great gifts to […]

Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God(Seven Wounds)

Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God (Seven Wounds) The church is officially named Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God or Saint Astsvatsatsin, but locally known as “Yot Verk”, honouring the Virgin Mary painting transferred from Saint Nshan Church. Crafted by Ghukas Avetaranich, the icon is a revered piece. Erected in the 19th century, […]

Saint Amenaprkich Church

Սբ․ Ամենափրկիչ եկեղեցի Constructed in the 1860s, the Saint Amenprkich Church in Gyumri shares architectural similarities with Ani Cathedral, reaching completion in 1873 under the guidance of architect Tadev Antikyan. In the Soviet era, the church transformed into a philharmonic hall. Unfortunately, the structure suffered partial destruction in the 1988 earthquake. Permission for restoration was […]

Saint Nshan Church

Saint Nshan Church Constructed between 1859-1864 through the bequest of Prince Ghahraman Long-armed Arghtyun and funds contributed by the community, the Saint Nshan Church initially earned its name “Astvatsatsin” due to the discovery of the picture of Mary Virgin with Seven Wounds.

Cathedral of the Holy Martyrs

Cathedral of the Holy Martyrs The Cathedral of the Holy Martyrs, an Armenian Catholic Church in Gyumri located next to the Gyumri Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle, was designed by architect Hakob Jivanyan. The copper bells adorning the church were crafted by sculptor Artush Papoyan. Featuring a bell tower, depository, basement, and yard, the […]

St. Gregory the Illuminator’s church

St. Gregory the Illuminator’s church St. Gregory the Illuminator’s church stands at the crossroads of Rustaveli and Djivan streets. The original church, erected during the time of Alexandropol, holds a captivating construction history. Built in 1862 and initially named “Gheghtsonts chapel,” the church derived its name not from the attendees’ status as peasants but because […]

Saint Michael Church

Saint Michael Church Saint Michael the Archangel Russian Orthodox Church, in the vicinity of the current Gorky Park, on the “Patvo Blur” platform.The clock tower was built with local black hewn stone. It is called “Plplan Zham ” because of the shining tin dome.The church was consecrated in 1886 by Archbishop Poghos of the Greek-Russian […]