Where to go in Gyumri?

October Cinema

October Cinema In Gyumri, the act of going to the cinema was a grand ceremony, marked by elaborate preparations and luxurious dressing. It was a family affair, and the event held significant cultural importance. Before dedicated cinemas were established, movies were showcased in clubs, featuring silent films accompanied by a mechanic who would rewind the […]

Puppet theater

Puppet theater The first puppet theater in Armenia, initiated by the cultural philanthropist Hasmik Gyozalyan, was established on May 26, 1935, in Gyumri. With inaugural performances like “Revolutionary Tanya,” “Monkey and Mirror,” and “Dances of the Dolls,” Hasmik Gyozalyan laid the foundation for the puppet theater’s development, emphasizing its role in the civil and moral-aesthetic […]

Yaghli House

Yaghli House Gyumri boasts its unique customs, mindset, humor, and a distinctive collection of traditional desserts. When exploring Gyumri, don’t miss the chance to savor the traditional yaghli, a city symbol. This special treat features layered dough and a sheet covered with sugar powder, prepared either in an oven or on a pan. It’s a […]

“Varem-Marem” Art Studio

“Varem-Marem” Art Studio The “Varem-Marem” studio, or art studio, is a creative space in the heart of the city where individuals of all ages can ignite their creative minds. The studio offers pottery and other masterclasses, hosts exhibitions showcasing the works of Gyumri’s talented artists, and provides an opportunity to purchase souvenirs that capture the […]

Central Park “Maxim Gorky”

Central Park “Maxim Gorky” Gorki Park in Gyumri is situated in the central part of the city, at the beginning of Gai Street. This green and spacious area is adorned with parks and play facilities for children. As you stroll through the park, you’ll encounter various statues and monuments. One notable structure is the arched […]

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions The Museum of Illusions in Gyumri exemplifies the rising trend of “Edutainment,” blending education and entertainment into a captivating experience. In this fantastical realm, science and amusement converge to create an extraordinary journey that will challenge your basic senses, surprise, confound, and, most importantly, educate. Prepare to enter a world where nothing […]


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