Where to go in Gyumri?

“Central” Guest House

“Central” Guest House Celebrate the New Year in the vibrant cultural city of Gyumri! Central Guesthouse Gyumri eagerly awaits your arrival. Phone: +374 (98) 67-75-75

“Friends” Guest House

“Friends” Guest House “Friends” Guest House offers a comfortable environment to enhance your stay. Phone: +374 (98) 13-15-33

“Nur” Guest House

“Nur” Guest House Recently renovated and equipped with 24-hour security, Nur Guest House seamlessly blends traditional and modern design. As you enter, be welcomed by exquisite wrought iron gates and locally handcrafted railings, setting the tone for a charming and secure stay. Phone: +374 (99) 01-67-09

“Hay Aspet” Guest House

“Hay Aspet” Guest House Discover an exceptional, exquisitely beautiful, tranquil, and uniquely positioned guest house. Phone: +374 (98) 80-17-81

“Chalet Gyumri”

“Chalet Gyumri” Discover the ultimate venue for seminars, parties, and a fantastic night out. Phone: +374 (95) 52-15-22

“Gyumri” Guest House

“Gyumri” Guest House Experience relaxation in the heart of Gyumri at the “Gyumri” Guest House. Enjoy a special 2-in-1 offer exclusively for you. Phone: +374 (94) 14-50-59

“Second Floor” Guest House

“Second Floor” Guest House Your perfect vacation awaits in Gyumri. Enjoy a stay right here with complimentary WiFi available throughout the property. Phone +374 (93) 88-28-48 , +374 (93) 99-13-26

“House 55” Guest House

“House 55” Guest House Secure your best days in Gyumri by booking now. Phone: +374 (55) 47-90-86  

“Komunna” Guest House

“Komunna” Guest House “Komunna” is a guest house situated in the historical center of Gyumri, established in 2022. Phone: +374 (93) 85-50-61

“Alashkert” Guest House

“Alashkert” Guest House “Alashkert” Guest House offers a unique experience, blending modern comfort with the ancient spirit, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the richness of Armenian culture and national life. Phone +374 (98) 80-17-81