Where to go in Gyumri?

“Light” Guest House

“Light” Guest House At “Light” Guest House, cleanliness is our top priority. Phone: +374 (93) 30-31-50  

“Kasa” Guest House/Conference hall

“Kasa” Guest House/Conference hall The center provides Gyumri residents and visitors with: – Modern conference halls for various team events – Comfortable guest rooms for work and relaxation – Familiarization tours in Gyumri and the Shirak region, along with related services such as transportation and food. Phone: +374 (98) 05-65-28

“Hestia” Guest House

“Hestia” Guest House Welcome to the most hospitable guest house in Gyumri. Phone: +374 (99) 60-21-34

“Darbas” Guest House

“Darbas” Guest House Discover elegance in design and luxury at this beautifully crafted 1-story, 8-room detached house. Enjoy a stunning view, a separate yard, a summer lounge, kitchen, grill, and the spacious privacy of this exquisite residence. Phone: +374 (93) 47-80-00

“LOFT” Hostel

“LOFT” Hostel Welcome to Loft Hostel—a multi-functional space seamlessly blending rest and entertainment. Enjoy a dynamic and versatile environment designed for your comfort and enjoyment. Phone: +374 (41) 17-76-77

“Kotun Gyumri” Guest House

“Kotun Gyumri” Guest House Kotun, established by a young couple in 2022 at the heart of Gyumri, offers a charming guesthouse experience. With four comfortable rooms accommodating up to seven people, a summer kitchen, an outdoor bar, a wine cellar, and a basement game room, Kotun provides diverse spaces for relaxation and enjoyment. Additionally, guests […]

“Vahanatun” Guest House

“Vahanatun” Guest House Travel to two different eras at Vahanatun Shale Gyumri, located near the medieval basilica church of Yereruk and built in an architectural style reminiscent of the medieval Armenian capital of Ani. Take a tour of the small museum, which depicts scenes of Soviet life in the Armenian SSR, from furniture and kitchen […]


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