Where to go in Gyumri?

“Voske Tsiran” Hotel

“Voske Tsiran” Hotel Welcome to “Voske Tsiran” Hotel, ideally situated in the heart of Gyumri city. Our hotel features 10 comfortable and spacious rooms, each equipped with everything you need for a restful stay. Enjoy the unique city panorama from your windows. Our on-site restaurant invites you to savor the most delicious dishes and provides […]

“Tigran Mets” Hotel

“Tigran Mets” Hotel Welcome to Tigran Mets Hotel, where our doors are wide open to greet you with warmth and hospitality. Phone: +374 (93) 40-09-05

“Gyumri” Hotel

“Gyumri” Hotel Step into the grandeur of “Gyumri” Hotel, the largest and premier accommodation in the heart of Gyumri city. Immerse yourself in a world of comfort, where top-tier hospitality and a delightful atmosphere are perpetually upheld by our dedicated and professional staff. Your experience with us is our utmost priority. Phone: +374 (98) 03-94-55

“Olympic” Hotel

“Olympic” Hotel Experience the path to mindful and rejuvenating relaxation. Phone: +374 (93) 43-10-59

“Nane” Hotel

“Nane” Hotel Indulge in the serene and inviting ambiance of our hotel, where we welcome enthusiasts of ultimate relaxation and comfort. Phone: +374 (98) 51-51-64


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