Where to go in Gyumri?

Marmashen Monastery

Marmashen Monastery Marmashen Monastery is situated in the southwestern part of Vahramaberd village in the Akhuryan region, on the left bank of the Akhuryan River. The monastery comprises two structures—the main Catholic Church and adjacent smaller churches. Historical records indicate that the main church was constructed by the patriotic prince Vahram Pahlavun between 988 and […]


Lmbatavank Lmbatavank, correctly known as Surb Stepanos of Lmbat district church, stands as an Armenian architectural monument situated near the city of Artik in Shirak Marz, specifically in the Lambat district. The structure is a small, dome-shaped building with a cross plan, a drum in octagonal form, and a dome. There is limited historical information […]

Harichavank Monastery

Harichavank Monastery Harichivank is one of the ancient medieval Armenian monasteries. The oldest building, constructed in the 7th century, is the St. Grigor church. Adjacent to it are two-story buildings erected in the 13th century, serving as prayer rooms. The main church of the monastery was built by the order of brothers Zakare and Ivane […]

Yereruik temple

Yereruik temple The Yereruik temple is an Armenian three-nave basilica-type Christian church located in the Shirak Marz, Republic of Armenia, near the village of Anipemza, on the left bank of the Akhuryan River. Founded in the early Christian period, in the 4th-5th centuries, on the site of the pagan mehyan, the temple is constructed from […]


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