Where to go in Gyumri?

Gyumri Municipality

Gyumri Municipality May Uprising Square is home to the former City Council building, constructed between 1931 and 1933 by architect Gevorg Kochar. Though damaged in the 1988 earthquake, the structure withstood and now houses the Gyumri Municipality. Since 2019, the Gyumri History Museum has been located in the building’s basement, showcasing the comprehensive history of […]

Vardanants Square

Vardanants Square Vardanants Square stands as the central hub of Gyumri, boasting a distinctive rectangular layout strategically positioned at the convergence of eight roads. Bordered by Abovyan Street to the west, Gai Street to the north, Shahumyan Street to the east, and Vahan Cheraz Street to the south, the square’s unique design has made it […]

Khachkar Park

Khachkar Park Just across from Vardanants Square, a short stroll leads you to Khachkar Park, established in 2010 in close proximity to Amenaprkich Church. This serene park is dedicated to khachkars, intricately carved slabs that feature the central motif of a cross, often embellished with additional elements such as geometric patterns, symbols of eternity, and […]

Rizhkov Avenue

Rizhkov Avenue Before the 1926 earthquake, the hill was home to the bustling “Desertirsky Bazaar,” a vibrant marketplace adorned with dozens of stone and wooden shops, kiosks, teahouses, and two restaurants. This lively market catered to a variety of goods, including clothing, old items, shoes, and more. However, in the aftermath of the earthquake, a […]

“Jrjran” Library

“Jrjran” Library The Library of Spiritual Books, situated at the heart of Gyumri on Ryzhkov Avenue, finds its home in a building affectionately known as the “Jrjran gratun” The name stems from the building’s distinctive feature—its creaky floors, adding a touch of charm to the city’s character. Formerly a bustling shop, it was a unique […]

Lodka Building

Lodka Building The iconic building that connects Gyumri’s central square to Ryzhkov Avenue is affectionately known as the “Lodka building” by the locals, owing to its distinctive architecture. Designed by Hovhannes Kajaznuni, the first Prime Minister of the first Republic of Armenia, this building holds historical significance. The unique architecture is said to be inspired […]

First Pharmacy

First Pharmacy Constructed in 1870 on the affluent Alexandrovsky Street, the pharmacy holds the distinction of being Gyumri’s first pharmacy and continues to fulfill its role to this day. Originally the residence of the prosperous Khachatur Khalatov, the building was repurposed to cater to the healthcare needs of the community. Legend has it that during […]

Abovyan Street(Alexandrovsky)

Abovyan Street(Alexandrovsky) At the outset of the 20th century, Alexandrovsky Street, now known as Abovyan, stood as the showcase of Alexandropol, present-day Gyumri. Spanning from the “Slabodka” district to the “Dzori” district, possessing a residence on this prestigious street was regarded as a symbol of honour and affluence among the residents of Alexandropol. The city’s […]

“Kumayri” Historical Reserve

“Kumayri” Historical Reserve “Kumayri” State Historical-Architectural Reserve-Museum was founded in 1980 and includes The historical core of Gyumri city. Gyumri (in ancient times “Kumayri”, then “Alexandrapol” and “Leninakan” in modern times “Gyumri”) is the second city of Armenia.It is the regional center of Shirak region. It was found out from the archaeological excavations that BC […]

Old Barbershop

Old Barbershop The barbershop boasts a distinctive charm, frozen in time since its establishment in the early days of the Second World War, exuding an unmistakable “Soviet” essence that endures to this day. Every element, from the visitor’s chair to the vintage sign proclaiming the barber’s service, remains untouched by modernization. The method of heating […]