Where to go in Gyumri?


Mushurba The Mushurba, known as the “klklan” cup among the people of Gyumri, distinguishes itself from ordinary cups with a unique sound that resonates when drinking water from it. Its origin story is equally unique. Poloz Mukuch, a vendor of fruits and vegetables in Gyumri’s market, shared a humorous encounter with his neighbor, Ones, who […]

“Hollywood” Backyard

“Hollywood” Backyard The locale dubbed “Hollywood Backyard” holds a significant place in Armenian cinema, having served as the backdrop for three renowned films at different junctures: “Tango of Our Childhood,” “Happy Bus,” and “Dawn on Sad Street.” The “Hollywood” building itself, dating back to the late 19th century, was originally owned by Colonel Vekilyan, a […]

Tumo Gyumri

Tumo Gyumri The Tumo Creative Technologies Center has found it’s home in the venerable theatre building, a structure with a rich history spanning 150 years. In 1912, the theatre witnessed the debut of Armen Tigranyan’s opera “Anoush,” marking a significant cultural milestone. Regarded as one of the oldest theatres in Eastern Armenia, its construction was […]

Shirak Regional Library

Shirak Regional Library The Shirak Regional Library, established as a legal entity in 1997, emerged as a consequence of Armenia’s administrative restructuring, coinciding with the establishment of regions in the country. It evolved from the centralized library system of Gyumri (formerly Leninakan) and found its foundation in the city’s central library. Initially known as the […]

House of Good Morning

House of Good Morning The construction of this building was commissioned by Grigor Drampyan, a prominent figure among Gyumri’s wealthiest residents. Locals affectionately referred to it as the “House of Good Morning” due to the ornate northern facade adorned with motifs resembling objects typically used after waking up, such as a mirror and a towel. […]

Gyumri Technology Center

Gyumri Technology Center Constructed in the early 20th century, between 1900 and 1920, the building stands as a distinctive architectural gem crafted from black tuff. This unique structure is an exemplar of Russian-style architecture, characteristic of the Alexandrian period that marked the region. Originally allocated to the state university, which commenced its operations in Gyumri […]

“Surgical Intervention” wall

“Surgical Intervention” wall One of Gyumri’s notable attractions is the “Surgical Intervention” wall. Created in 1998, this wall was patched by sculptor and artist Albert Vardanyan during the Gyumri Biennale, and it is situated on Varpetats Street. Albert Vardanyan took on the task of drawing attention to the buildings that were devastated by the earthquake, […]

Balcony of Varem-Marem

Balcony of Varem-Marem Towards the conclusion of the last century, Gyumri found itself etched into cinematic history through films that utilized the city’s buildings and structures, turning it into a captivating backdrop. These film locations, situated in Gyumri’s historical center, have become enduring monuments of history and culture. One such film, “Tango of Our Childhood,” […]

Sahakanuysh school for young girls

Sahakanuysh school for young girls The building, constructed in the Russian architectural style locally known as “ghaitan,” stands as a testament to the cultural fusion in the region. Characterized by black stones accented with white lines, the structure reflects a distinct aesthetic. In its historical context, the building housed the Sahakanuysh school for young girls, […]

“Ozhiti Shenq”

“Ozhiti shenq” Constructed in the 1890s by Levon Drampyan, a distinguished and philanthropic figure in the city, the opulent building emerged as a symbol of generosity. Levon Drampyan presented this lavish house as a wedding dowry to his daughter, Jawahir Drampyan, endearing it to the people of Gyumri, who fondly continue to call it the […]