Where to go in Gyumri?

“Jrjran” Library

The Library of Spiritual Books, situated at the heart of Gyumri on Ryzhkov Avenue, finds its home in a building affectionately known as the “Jrjran gratun” The name stems from the building’s distinctive feature—its creaky floors, adding a touch of charm to the city’s character. Formerly a bustling shop, it was a unique establishment located on Kirov Street. The entrance, accessed via a staircase, led visitors into a space where the perfume department stood to the left, and the linen department awaited in front. The store, always abuzz with activity, drew people in, even those with no specific errands, who would amble through the shop and depart. The creakiness of the parquet floor was a notable characteristic. Contrary to the notion that the Soviet builders were responsible for the creakiness due to poor construction, the real reason was revealed through local lore. In the era when the distinction between wealthy and poor was not stark, the builders intentionally crafted creaky floors in affluent homes. The creaking sound, akin to music, became a delightful feature of these floors. Sawdust was artfully spread on the floor to preserve the parquet from damage caused by rain and snow. Despite weather conditions, walking on the sawdust-covered floor became a unique and pleasant experience. The swift action of cleaners, promptly replacing used sawdust with fresh layers, ensured the store maintained its cleanliness and distinct ambiance, creating lasting memories for those who frequented the “Jrjran gratun”.

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