Where to go in Gyumri?

House of Good Morning

The construction of this building was commissioned by Grigor Drampyan, a prominent figure among Gyumri’s wealthiest residents. Locals affectionately referred to it as the “House of Good Morning” due to the ornate northern facade adorned with motifs resembling objects typically used after waking up, such as a mirror and a towel. Another explanation for the building’s name suggests that residents would place washing utensils at the entrance each morning. This was done to facilitate a quick wash for craftsmen hurrying off to work, ensuring they could freshen up without being delayed. For an extended period, the building housed the “Gyumri” restaurant. Its arched halls, intersecting streets, and unique architecture served a different purpose during Stalin’s era of oppression, doubling as a prison. The building’s rich history reflects its multifaceted role in the city’s life, transitioning from a symbol of prosperity and hospitality to a witness of darker historical episodes.

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