Where to go in Gyumri?

“Jrapi” Caravan House

The Caravan House, constructed in the 10th-11th centuries, is a remarkable structure of the one-hall-three-nave arched type. Crafted entirely from black tuff stones with lime mortar, the floor is adorned with stone tiles. The building’s longitudinal axis extends from north to south. The preserved section of the Nerkin Jrapi Caravan House constitutes a three-aisled hall with a total length of 31 meters and a width of 13.65 meters. The hall is divided into three parts by eight sturdy gables arranged in two rows, interconnected by arches. Positioned on the main road leading to Ani from Georgia and the northern provinces of Armenia, this caravanserai served as a crucial point for travelers. Together with the renowned Chrpli bridge spanning the Akhuryan River, both landmarks stand as key monuments of medieval Armenian secular architecture, embodying the historical significance of the region’s trade routes.

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