Where to go in Gyumri?

Khachkar Park

Just across from Vardanants Square, a short stroll leads you to Khachkar Park, established in 2010 in close proximity to Amenaprkich Church. This serene park is dedicated to khachkars, intricately carved slabs that feature the central motif of a cross, often embellished with additional elements such as geometric patterns, symbols of eternity, and depictions of flora and fauna. These khachkars represent a quintessential aspect of Armenian medieval art. Since 2010, the symbolism and craftsmanship of khachkars have earned a prestigious place on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. In Gyumri, the khachkars stand as poignant memorials, carved and placed in remembrance of the countless Armenian khachkars that met destruction in Jugha at the hands of Azerbaijanis. This park not only celebrates the artistry of khachkars but also serves as a testament to the cultural heritage and resilience of the Armenian people.

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