Where to go in Gyumri?

Lake Arpi National Park

Founded in 2009, the Javakheti-Shirak National Park is situated in the Amasya and Ashotsk regions of the Shirak Marz. Spanning the eastern slopes of the Yegnakhagh mountain range and the southwestern slopes of the Javakhk mountain range, this national park covers an extensive area of about 25,000 hectares. The primary objective of establishing the park is to safeguard the unique biodiversity of the Javakhk-Shirak highland. Notably, the park hosts the world’s largest colony of the Armenian crane and serves as the sole habitat for the curled pelican in Armenia. The park’s diverse flora encompasses around 670 plant species, including orchids, lilies, irises, tulips, and more, with 25 species listed in the RA Red Book. Additionally, the area boasts 22 endemic species. The park is also a habitat for 30 mammal species, featuring the European otter, shrew, and various others, contributing to the overall ecological richness and conservation efforts in the region.

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