Where to go in Gyumri?

Old Barbershop

The barbershop boasts a distinctive charm, frozen in time since its establishment in the early days of the Second World War, exuding an unmistakable “Soviet” essence that endures to this day. Every element, from the visitor’s chair to the vintage sign proclaiming the barber’s service, remains untouched by modernization. The method of heating water for client head washes is a testament to tradition, employing buckets and a kettle. Stepping into the barbershop is like stepping back in time, where the masters proudly display their aged combs and razors, each vying to outdo the other in highlighting the longevity of their tools. Remarkably, German electric hair clippers, in service for a staggering 45 years, continue to operate flawlessly, underscoring a quality and durability seemingly absent in contemporary devices.

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