Where to go in Gyumri?

Sahakanuysh school for young girls

The building, constructed in the Russian architectural style locally known as “ghaitan,” stands as a testament to the cultural fusion in the region. Characterized by black stones accented with white lines, the structure reflects a distinct aesthetic. In its historical context, the building housed the Sahakanuysh school for young girls, providing them with an opportunity to learn the principles of conduct and ethics. This educational institution served the girls of Alexandrapol, highlighting a progressive shift in societal norms. The fact that families in Alexandrapol entrusted their girls to education during this period signifies a transition from customs more typical of Asian countries to the influence of Western traditions. Currently, the building is overseen by the “Holy Nshan” church, marking a continuation of its role within the community. This adaptive reuse underscores the building’s enduring significance as it transitions through different phases of cultural and historical evolution.

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