Where to go in Gyumri?

Sergey Merkurov House-Museum 

The museum showcasing the works of Sergey Merkurov stands proudly in the heart of the city. Established in 1984, the museum faced challenges in the aftermath of the 1988 earthquake when it provided shelter for those affected. Over the years, the museum has confronted the need for significant repairs, and in 2003, renovation efforts were undertaken with the support of the “Linsey Fund.” However, the museum’s condition remains compromised due to issues with underground water. Despite these challenges, the museum boasts an impressive collection of about 3000 samples. Among its treasures are busts of renowned figures such as Leo Tolstoy, Hovhannes Tumanyan, composer Nikolai Scriabin, Lenin, and others. The exhibition includes 30 posthumous masks and 13 sculptures, offering a comprehensive insight into Sergey Merkurov’s artistic legacy. For more information, you can contact the museum at +374 (312) 5-93-27.