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Three-span Bridge of Krasar

The three-span bridge of Krasar is built on one of the tributaries of Akhuryan River, 2 km southwest of the village of Krasar.The bridge is built of black and red rough tuff stones, and the borders of the flights are polished.It is primarily valuable as a XIX century. an engineering-architectural structure with a three-story structure.The bridge of Krasar is similar in appearance to the bridge of the historical city of KarsThere is reliable information about the construction of the Krasar bridge. In Alishan’s “Shirak” book, it is mentioned that it was built in 1873 by the “Kyumretian” Stepanos Ananikyants, “a three-arch bridge enjoying a projectile, black and red stonework”.According to Alishan, the inscription preserved on the bridge in Armenian, Russian and Turkish languages is remarkable.

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